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Philosophy Statement  Calvary Child Care Ministry’s (CCCM) philosophy is God-centered and based on our belief that God’s laws, principles, ethics and standards are absolute truth.  Because of our beliefs, we view each child as a separate and unique creation of God.  As we follow God standards, we love and accept every child and realize that each child will develop at their own rate of spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical maturing.  The learning environment is designed to help develop children by exploring and interacting with adults, other children, and different materials and settings.  This philosophy will guide our policies, teaching practices, and selection of curriculum at CCCM.  Purpose Statement  CCCM is an extension of Calvary Baptist Church and we are committed to God’s Word and to use Godly principles in every aspect of learning.  CCCM exists as an outreach to our community families by providing a learning environment that helps young children grow in their spiritual, social, emotional, creative, cognitive, and physical areas of development.  We seek to nurture an environment that is an extension of the home.  We realize that a child’s growth during the early years is extremely important to their development.   Mission Statemen CCCM’s mission is: To Love God, To Love God’s People, and To Love God’s World.  We do this by providing a Christ centered childcare center that promotes spiritual awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, physical, mental, and emotional growth of children through creative play and structured learning opportunities.  The curriculum is designed for the developmental level, abilities, and interest of the children.
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